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(When you receive a diagnosis from Dr. Saunders we encourage you to read about it online. Please go to the above web sites and read as much as you can about your diagnosis. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Saunders with any questions.)

Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution    (this book is a summary of the latest nutrition research. this is the only book Dr. Saunders recommends for all of her patients.)

The Acquittal of God    (this book is recommended for Vietnam War veterans to help heal psychological scars left over from the war.)

The Art of Happiness    (this book is recommended for those who are suffering from any negative emotions or qualities that they want to get rid of, it is based on Buddhist eastern philosophy seen through a filter of western medicine psychiatry.)

Arthritis Rx    (this book is recommended for patients who suffer from Osteoarthritis. It focuses on diet, exercise and natural supplements. It is evidence based, not opinion.)

Super Brain    (this book is recommended for patients who want to prevent dementia and/or who want to improve their overall mental power and sense of well-being.)

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