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Telephone: 702-256-4646 (FFMC has a 24/7 phone system for emergency access)

Fax: 702-256-2528

E-mail: see below (go to the link "Miscellaneous Info" to learn FFMC policy)

Location: 3150 N. Tenaya Way, Suite 230 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (go to the link "About us" and then choose "how to find us" for directions)

Mailing address: PO Box 35620 Las Vegas, NV 89133

Carlos Office Manager/Medical Assistant, Cassandra Billing Specialist, Leslie Special Assistant, Amber Medical Assistant

Receptionist/Appointments:   reception@lvcoxmail.com

If you need an appointment and you are an established patient please call 702-256-4646 or e-mail the receptionist at the address above. If you get the automated attendant please choose option 5. If you are a new patient please choose option 3. We return all calls promptly. We never leave the office until every single call has been returned on that same day. For your convenience, you can leave a message for the receptionist voicemail box after hours and on weekends. We will return those messages on the next business day. You can call for appointments 24/7.

We use an Open Access Scheduling System. We are by appointment only. This means that it is relatively easy to obtain an appointment on the day you call. We do today's work today. Although we have thousands of patients we are never booked out more than one day. We have been successful at this Open Access Scheduling System since we opened in November 2004. Usually, our office schedule runs rather smoothly. Patients are generally impressed with the ease of flow for appointments. Wait time is consistently < 15 to 30 minutes.

You can help us to continue to be successful at such a phenomenal scheduling record by coming early or on time for your appointment. If you are late for your appointment, we will have to mark you as a no show appointment and you will forfeit your appointment slot. A doctor's office has an inherent possibility of running late because sometimes very sick patients make the doctor run behind. We mitigate this by honoring our appointment slots to the best of our ability at the frontdesk. You can avoid forfeiting your appointment slot by being early or on time. Go to the link "Miscellaneous Information" to learn more. Thank you for your cooperation.

Referrals/Medical records/Authorizations: administrative_nurse@lvcoxmail.com

For referrals, medical records and authorizations please call 702-256-4646 option 4 or email the medical assistant at the above address. We return all messages the same business day. We never leave the office until every message has been returned. The voicemail box is open 24/7; if you leave a message after business hours we will return your message the next business day.

Yvonne Saunders, MD can be reached for medical questions at 702-256-4646 option 4 or e-mail the doctor at the address above i.e. doctor_nurse. Dr. Saunders' medical assistant has been especially trained to triage your calls and e-mails; during business hours the medical assistant will promptly give Dr. Saunders your message. When using the phone system, if you get the automated attendant, please leave your message on option 4; make sure to leave a message, do not wait to call back later, your call might be more urgent then you realize. Your message will be returned promptly on the same day you call. We never leave the office for the day until every single message has been returned. Of course, after business hours and on the weekends, you can use option 4 or e-mail for routine messages, just realize that those messages will not be returned until the next business day. Patients especially value our 24/7 communication system.

After business hours and on weekends Dr. Saunders is easily accessible for emergencies. Call 702-256-4646 and choose option 8. Option 8 goes directly to Dr. Saunders' cell phone or in rare cases the doctor covering Dr. Saunders. If you use this emergency service please make sure to leave your phone number and repeat it a few times as cell phone service can be spotty. We do not know of any doctor anywhere that is this easy to reach after hours.  Please use option 8 only for truly urgent or emergent questions however, we want to be able to continue to offer this valuable service to our established patients.

Please note that the e-mail address will only be checked during business hours so please do not leave any emergent or urgent after hours messages by e-mail. If you have an emergency after hours please call as mentioned above..

Billing:    billingdept@lvcoxmail.com

For billing and collections please call 702-256-4646 or e-mail us at the address above. When using the phone system, If you get the automated attendant, please choose option 6. We return all messages the same business day. We never leave the office until every message has been returned on that same day. For your convenience, the billing voicemail box is available 24/7. If you have to leave a message after business hours or on the weekend, please do so. We will return it the next business day. You can do billing with us 24/7.